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About JAC's tire shaped coupling

questionI heard that JAC is a Korean manufacturer. How is the reliability of its products?

answerJAC has been enjoying a favorable reputation for its products.

JAC is a specialized manufacture that has produced various sorts of couplings for 50 years, now enjoying an overwhelming market share of approximately 80% in Korea.
You can rest assured to use its tire shaped couplings, because they have been supplied to Japan's leading tire manufacturers, which highly value JAC’s high level reliability.

questionWe have been using certain products provided by other suppliers. Are your products compatible with such home products?

answerYes, they are compatible.

As you may notice from the fact that JAC’s products have been adopted by Japan’s top-brand tire manufacturers, the products have demonstrated complete compatibility with Japanese domestic couplings. You can use JAC’s couplings in place of your existing products, because the specifications for the JAC series products are exactly the same as for those provided for Japan’s leading tire manufacturers.


questionDo you deal with other products than tire shaped couplings?

answerYes, we provide various sorts of couplings.

MAKUHARI INDUSTRIAL is a trade firm that handles various control devices and mechanical parts widely. We deal with not only tire shaped couplings, but also any types of couplings, including helical couplings, link couplings, flexible flange shaft coupling and the like as well as those made by Japanese manufacturers.

questionDo you provide other products than JAC’s?

answerYes, apart from JAC’s couplings, we deal with the products of other manufactures, including Doctor Blade, Machine Oil and Servo Motor.

Among all control devices and mechanical parts of our inventory, we are specialized in providing our original brand Doctor Blade for printing machines, machine oil for Oberon mechine parts, conduction mechanism, various control instruments and machine parts.

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