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About tire shaped coupling
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About tire shaped coupling

What is the tire shaped coupling?

tire shaped coupling

The tire shaped coupling (also referred to as tire coupling), a kind of rubber couplings or flex couplings (shaft couplings), has great flexibility to accommodate a wide range of shaft angle declination, axes displacement and gap errors, thus improving vibration insulation, reducing noise, extending the bearing life, facilitating maintenance work and cutting cost.

The tire shaped coupling made up of flexible rubber and strong cords joints two shafts in a resilient manner, thus absorbing rotational vibration or shock, reducing friction in the bearing and extending mechanical life by eliminating excessive force applied to the shafts.

As it is made of tire shaped rubber, just like it sounds, it has no structural sliding movement within the coupling. That means there is seldom any need for maintenance work such as lubrication.

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About JAC coupling

JAC is a 33 years old Korea based specialized coupling manufacturer. Apart from tire shaped couplings, it produces various articles such as helical coupling, link coupling, flexible flange shaft coupling and the like.

The tire shaped couplings made by JAC, in particular, are highly evaluated with its great reliability, and adopted by top-brand Japanese tire manufacturers.

Makuhari Sangyo is JAC's general agency in Japan.

We provide all the types of JAC couplings, with some popular goods in stock especially for the tire shaped couplings so that we can respond to orders in a swift manner.

For inquiry about the products or request for information on trade or order, please contact us via telephone or facsimile.

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