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About tire shaped coupling
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Tire shaped coupling, conduction mechanism, various control instruments, machine parts, Doctor Blade, machine oil,

Wholesale of control devices and mechanism parts


Site map, Terms of service, Privacy policy

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Privacy policy

Personal information protection policy
MAKUHARI INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) takes the following measures in compliance with laws and regulations to protect the personal information of our customers.

Collection of personal information
The Company may collect personal information by requesting our customers for its provision in the following cases:
1. When our customers order products from the Company.
2. When our customer submit an inquiry to the Company.
3. When our customers submit a request for information to us, such as the product catalog.

Management of personal information
We will never disclose our customers’ personal information to a third party under any circumstances except as described below.
Moreover, the personal information collected by the Company shall be managed in a proper manner to prevent any loss, leakage or the like.
1. When agreed with our customer for disclosure.
2. When the Company assigns a carrier for the delivery of ordered products or requested materials to our customer’s address or any other location designated by our customer.
3. When required for the settlement of delivered products.
4. When the Company discloses information of which a person is unable to be identified.
5. When required by a judicial court, etc.

Use of personal information
Personal information provided by our customer shall be used for the following purpose only:
1. To deliver ordered products.
2. To confirm, reply or give notice to the order or inquiry submitted by our customer.
3. To send information about our products or services.
4. To make an analysis to improve the quality of our product lineup or services.

Contact information
Please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail for further information about our personal information policy, etc.

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TEL: 043-276-7750 (Pilot number)

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